Install Kodi On Firestick Or On FireTV Without PC/ With PC/Computer

Kodi On Firestick: Kodi is a very popular media player, which is used by millions of people all over the world. This app is designed to convert your device into the media center. But, Kodi is not available officially on all platforms.

You can download it from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Windows Store. But, Amazon Store does not feature it yet. This is why we need to sideload it on Amazon devices like FireStick and Fire TV. In this article, we will learn how to install Kodi on FireStick and FireTV. Keep reading!

install kodi on amazon firestick or firetv


Before we proceed, we will need to make one small change to the security setting. Since Kodi is yet not available on Amazon Store, it is considered as a third-party app from an unknown source. FireStick will install this app only when you have enabled the option called Apps from Unknown Sources.

So, here is how you can do that:

  1. From FireStick home screen hover over ‘Settings’ on the menu bar on the top
  2. Now, open ‘Device’ from the options
  3. Click ‘Developer Options’
  4. click on developer options to install kodi on firestick
  5. Select ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ and turn it ON
  6. allos apps from unknown sources to install kodi on firestick
  7. When the warning message appears, click ‘Turn on’ to confirm your action.

Now you can install any third-party app to your device.

Once you have installed Kodi on FireStick, disable this option again.


You can install Kodi on FireStick easily with a computer. I will give you a brief introduction to the process. You can read our detailed guide by click on THIS LINK.

ON Your FireStick: The first thing you need to do is install ES File Explorer on your FireStick or Fire TV device.  You can download it from the Amazon Store.

Select the search icon on the home screen and type in the name of the app (ES File Explorer). From the search results, select ES File Explorer and follow the onscreen instructions to install this app.

Launch the app once it is installed. Expand ‘Network’ menu on the left sidebar and click ‘Remote Manager’.

Now click the ‘Turn on’ button. You will see an FTP address.

On Computer: Open any folder on your Windows or Mac computer, such as Documents or My PC. Enter the ftp address that appeared on the ES Explorer in the address bar of the computer’s folder and press enter.

You will now see all your FireStick files and folders on the computer including the ‘Download’ folder

Download the Kodi APK file on our computer from the following link: <<LINK>>

Copy this file onto the ‘Download’ folder of FireStick you are accessing from your computer.

On FireStick: Open Remote Manager again on ES File Explorer and now you can ‘Turn off’ the connection if you want.

Now navigate to the Download folder. Run the Kodi APK file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the app.


Don’t have a computer? No problem. You can still install Kodi on FireTV or FireStick devices. Again, we have a detailed guide on how to install Kodi on FireStick without a computer. Click THIS LINK to read our guide.

I will give you a quick introduction.

What you need is the Downloader app to side-load the third-party apps. So, first of all, install the Downloader app from the Amazon App Store.

If Downloader app does not appear, you will either need to change the country in your Amazon account to the United States or sign in with a new Amazon account with the country set as the United States. You may also choose the UK and some other countries where the Downloader app is available.

When you have the downloader app, open it and select ‘Browser’ on the left sidebar. In the address bar enter the following URL: <<LINK>>

Now simply click the Download link and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.


So, this is how you get Kodi on FireStick using a computer and without a computer. If Downloader app is not available in your region and you don’t want to change the country settings, you may also side-load the app. You may also use ES File Explorer to install third-party apps. Contact us for more information and queries.